2021.01.28:NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message
2021.01.28:NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message
2021.01.28:【公告】本校防疫訊息 ~  請詳閱衛福部「疫情警戒標準及因應事項」並配合辦理

2021.01.28:NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message

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NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message – Please Read the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s “Pandemic Alert Standards and Countermeasures” Carefully and Implement Preventive Measures Accordingly

Dear NTU students and colleagues,

The University is asking all of you to read very carefully the “Pandemic Alert Standards and Countermeasures” (scroll down to see graph) announced on January 21 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) in response to the changes in the current COVID-19 situation.

While the current security status is still green, the University is asking all department and administrative offices to carefully implement access control, swipe card entry, adopt real-name system for visits, and carry out all the preventive measures listed under the green light status.

However, as the pandemic situation can change very dramatically and if it worsens to yellow light or above, the University will consider resuming compulsory measures such as swipe card entry, temperature taking, crowd control, online courses, and campus access control. There will also be restrictions on all types of events and club activities. In case this happens, the University is asking for your full cooperation to comply with all the preventive measures.

Click the link below if you cannot see the graph: https://www.space.ntu.edu.tw/navigate/s/DA93D2E51C0E4A6D9703872FC80A0C4CQQY

Sincerely yours,

NTU Epidemic Prevention Team

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